The Foundation for Medical Excellence offers educational programs for physicians and other clinicians. Our flexible faculty and formats permit us to customize programs for clinics and health systems. Programs which focus on communication, professionalism, or leadership often require an active participant component. We seek to integrate our programs with ongoing system improvement projects within participants’ work environments. More ambitious programs will incorporate multiple sessions spread over a period of time (to allow skill development) and assessment of outcomes of interest to the sponsor. The following are some topics in which we offer 1 hour lectures or customized workshops up to several days in duration. Other topics of interest to clinicians, clinics, or health systems can be designed.

  • The Doctor-Patient Relationship: basic elements of establishing rapport, agenda setting and establishing common goals
  • Difficult Interactions: presentation and practice of a model for negotiation, resolving difficult interactions, or conflict management with patients or colleagues
  • Professionalism: this construct, as applied to individuals or health systems, is examined in theoretical and behavioral dimensions
  • Pain management
    -“How to Say, ‘Yes’” – the key ingredients of appropriate opioid prescribing
    -“How to say, ‘No’” – a model for compassionate refusal of scheduled substances
  • Well-being: a variety of physician well-being topics are available: maintaining balance, mindfulness, burnout, self-hypnosis, the medical marriage, setting up systems to promote well-being, “Finding Meaning in Work – stories that heal,” etc.
  • Patient Safety: topics include documentation, disclosing medical errors, the personal impact of perceived mistakes, maintaining rapport while using an electronic medical record

Contact our Medical Director, Barry Egener, MD, for further details: or call (503) 222-1960.