Organizational Professionalism is the concept that a set of competencies and behaviors define professionalism for health care organizations, just as they do for individual professionals. Many physicians have reported that they have difficulty living up to the principles of the Physician Charter on Medical Professionalism because of structural factors in their practice environment. Health care organizations have an opportunity to influence the behavior of not just physicians, but other professionals and non-professionals that work within them. The resulting culture could have profound effects on the healing process for patients.

Moreover, health care organizations can impact population health in ways that individuals cannot. They can collaborate with other health care, governmental, and community organizations to affect the social determinants of health as well as other factors that create healthy communities.

This concept lays the foundation for diverse entities: patients, health care workers, professionals, communities, and health care institutions to collaborate in the creation of a healthy society.

A multistakeholder group has developed a Charter on Professionalism for Healthcare Organizations, which may serve as a roadmap for health care organizations to implement these principles.